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We know how to help you look 5-10 years younger: Biorevitalization

You look in the mirror and see the first signs of aging: the first fine wrincles, dark circles under your eyes, skin loosing its elasticity and bright colors. How to restore your youth? Biorevitalization is the revitalization of the skin in order to rejuvenate and hydrate dry, tired and sun-damaged skin with an immediate effect. Results will lasts up to 2-3 months. We will preserve your beauty. The procedure does not cause any adverse effects.

Biorevitalization is a non-surgical procedure used to fight skin aging and various skin problems in aesthetic medicine.

Biorevitalization is a non-surgical and commonly used procedure to fight skin aging and various skin problems.
This technique was discovered by Italian scientists. During the procedure, the skin is injected with small doses of pure hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. Hyaluronic acid is the main structural element of connective tissue.
Hyaluronic acid maintains moisture of the skin.

One molecule combines 200-500 molecules of water and maintains the balance of moisture in tissues. Such obvious role of hyaluronic acid in skin moisturizing ensures the youth of skin.
The amount of hyaluronic acid in young peoples derma is rather high, so skin looks bright and young. However, eventually the amount of “youth elixir” starts to decline and reduces the laxity of skin, tightness, elasticity. Skin stops looking lively, looks dehydrated. Wrinkles are formed. In addition to natural biological aging, the skin is also affected by photo-aging, i.e., the withering and aging of skin is additionally stimulated by the UV rays.

When should you start?

Age 25-30: If your skin is prone to withering and premature aging. In this case, the earlier you start having biorevitalization, the better.
Age 30-35: It is the best age to have regular courses of biorevitalization. They will help you stay young and beautiful for longer.
Age over 40: Biorevitalization is combined with other anti-age procedures: peelings, face remodeling, photorejuvenation, thermal lifting, etc.

How does it work?

Introducing hyaluronic acid provides skin with water and helps circulation processes.
Microcirculation, nurture of skin cells and oxidation processes also improve with the start of synthesis of own hyaluronic acid and results are clearly reflected in the look of skin.
After the tissues are saturated with hyaluronic acid, the synthesis of collagen and elastin is stimulated.

Biorevitalization Suitability
Patients who are ideal candidates for Biorevitalization include:

  • Those suffering from decreased elasticity of skin
  • Those with dry and dehydrated skin.
  • Those with stressed and inadequate nutrition
  • Those with fine wrinkles
  • Those who smoke and have a ‘tired’ appearance to their skin
  • Those who wish to combine treatment with other forms of aesthetic procedures
  • Those who have undertaken aggressive skin procedures such as peels
  • Those who would like prophylaxis of acne scars and stretch marks
  • Those who would like to hydrate and revitalize skin post-UV exposure

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