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Micronutrient IV Therapy

Micronutrient IV Therapy includes vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids that your body uses to perform daily functions like cell repair and regeneration, hormone production, energy metabolism, functions of your nervous and immune systems, brain function, and countless other processes that occur at the cellular level.
When available micronutrients become depleted, you may begin to suffer symptoms of nutritional deficiency that can lead to serious health problems if not resolved.


Who can benefit from Vitamin IV injections therapy?

While almost any adult can benefit from IV drip therapy, certain people may need it more than others. People who benefit the most from micronutrient IV therapy include:
- Busy executives who need to stay mentally sharp
- Anyone frequently exposed to the public, like school teachers, bus drivers, retail workers and food servers
- Athletes, dancers and fitness enthusiasts who need to perform at their peak and recover quickly
- Working parents with high levels of stress
- Older adults who need extra nutritional support
- People on calorie-restricted or vegetarian diets
- Party-goers who need a quick and effective hangover remedy
- Models, performers and brides-to-be who need to look and feel their very best

What types of IV cocktails do we offer?

Hangover IV Therapy:
This hydrating/restoring cocktail is the perfect treatment designed to restore the energy and flush toxins from your system, alleviates headache and distress, getting you ready for a new day.

-A healthy hang-over cure
-This treatment focuses on total hydration, restoring energy and flushing toxins from your system
-A perfect Monday morning routine to start the week, no matter what your weekend was like.

Warrior Cocktail:
This premium cocktail is designed to promote rapid muscle recovery, diminish soreness and increase energy.

-Promote muscle function and speed recovery
-A serious blend of essential amino acids to feed your muscles and anti-oxidants to fight free radicals
-For optimal physical conditioning for every athlete – weekend warrior, training for a marathon or wanting to stay in excellent physical shape.

Natural Beauty Cocktail:
Ultimate combination of powerful ingredients lightens and brightens the skin, and helps turn back the clock and bring back the energy.

-Vital nutrition to support the fast-growing cells of hair, skin and nails
-Great for those with thinning hair or weak nails, and hair transplant patients
-Specific protocol with oral supplements to promote maximum benefits

Brain Tonic Cocktail:
Our signature vitamins and nutrients infusion restores your body and bring it back to the equilibrium, maximizing the productivity, leaving you feeling healthy and refreshed. Improves mental clarity and focus, perfect to enhance memory and prepare for important meetings.

-Improves mental clarity
-Boosts energy
-Enhances focus

Executive Anti-Stress Cocktail:
This specially designed cocktail is the perfect “stress rescuer” which calms stress and boost your health naturally. Try this mood elevating and calming cocktail to mellow out the stress and get a handle on life.

-Maximize your energy, wellness and mind with this all-in-one body boost
-Our stress relief IV cocktail provides instant relief when life gets overwhelming

IV Glutathione Skin Lightening:
In a culture where overeating is almost a national pastime, you would not think Americans would be nutrient deficient. Yet processed foods full of chemicals and artificial ingredients and stressful lifestyles that never let us relax are creating nutritional deficiencies that lead to poor immune function and premature aging. In other words, we are getting sicker, older and fatter, despite an abundance of food.

One nutrient in particular that is gaining increasing recognition as a disease-fighting and anti-aging super antioxidant is glutathione, or GSH. Glutathione is a peptide made up of the three amino acids, L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid, and glycine. GSH is found in every cell of your body, and your body manufactures it from its individual amino acid components.

GSH (Glutathione) levels in your cells are now considered by longevity researchers to be a reliable predictor of how long you will live. Yet many people are GSH deficient, making them vulnerable to environmental toxins that can cause cancer and other degenerative disorders.

Amino Acid Ahots:
Amino acids are the building blocks of the human body, making up proteins that form tissues, organs, muscles, skin and hair. Amino acids are also the precursors of enzymes and neurotransmitters that regulate almost all metabolic processes, making them essential for human health. The presence of nitrogen in amino acids distinguishes protein from fats and carbohydrates that your body uses for fuel. Without amino acids, life would not exist.

Amino Acid Deficiency
Long chains of amino acids make up proteins, which your body uses to build and repair itself. Because your body uses amino acids daily to develop, grow and maintain itself, they are constantly being broken down, and they must be replaced through diet. Amino acids are found in many foods, but animal sources like meat, dairy, eggs and fish provide complete proteins that are ready to be used to support human body functions.

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