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PRX-T33 Dermal Stimulator

PRX-T33® complex contains maximum concentration level of active substance.
H2O2 – enhances effect of the patented complex, promotes production of hyaluronic acid & deeply moisturizes the skin.
Kojic acid – reduces pigmentation, evens out the complexion and has an antioxidant effect.

What is PRX-T33

PRX-T ® 33 is a new skin quality and limitless possibilities of application: from the facial procedure "before going out" to the most powerful stimulation of the dermis in combination with hardware and injection techniques.

Professional procedure of PRX-T ® 33 therapy is a topical layer-by-layer application of PRX-T ® 33 to the skin with intensive massage movements.

PRX-T33 ® therapy is perfectly combined with:
- Injectable biorevitalization
- PRP — plasma therapy
- Mesotherapy
- Carboxytherapy

For best results, 4-5 treatments, 7-10 days apart may be needed depending on your skin condition and the area being treated.

- Not for anyone with autoimmune disorders
- No tretinoin (Vitamin A) for 2 weeks prior to treatment
- Pregnancy and lactation

PRX-T33 Therapy Benefits:

- Great for men, women and teens
- Suitable for all skin types
- Painless treatment
- Non-invasive skin tightening and firming
- Safe to use year-round

Solving Problems With:

- Loss skin elasticity (face and decollete)
- Post-inflammatory spots
- Post-akne spots
- Atrophic scars
- Stretch marks
- An adjunct treatment of melasma and skin hyperpigmentation
- Seborrheic dermatitis
- Face skin hyperkeratosis
- Prevention & treatment of photoaging

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