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Emsculpt Fast Body Sculpting

New impressive non-invasive muscle toning and fat-burning treatment.
Zero downtime afterward.
Works on problem bode areas.
Suitable for women and men.

Emsculpt is the apotheosis of non—invasive hardware “physical training"

Everything you need for effective use of this Emsculpt:
- absence of iron deficiency anemia and other contraindications
- sufficient amount of animal protein in the diet
- only 1 month to complete the required minimum course of 4 procedures.

Emsculpt can do almost anything you would like to see in a mirror:
- remove excess fat and reduce "water weight" fast and safely.
- strengthen, tighten and improve the relief of the muscles of the legs (inner thighs, too), arms, abdomen.
There are already legends about buttock lifting with EMSculpt!
All the rest of the “small” aesthetics remains for micro-needle RF-lifting, ultrasonic lipolysis, as well as collagen-stimulators.
Learn more about combined procedures from our specialists.


- Uniqueness: totally new technology - high-intensity focused electromagnetic therapy HIFEM.
- Efficiency: 20,000 involuntary muscle contraction per 1 procedure - super maximum muscle contraction mode.
- Non invasive effect: a painless procedure without anesthesia.
- The procedure does not require rehabilitation: You can back to your daily activities immediately after procedure.

Who is a good candidate for Emsculpt?

The ideal candidates for this body sculpting treatment are healthy women and men with a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or less wanting to eliminate pockets of stubborn fat and build more muscle mass in the buttocks, stomach, legs, or upper arms.
- Improves muscle conditions and simultaneously eliminates excess fat deposits in the abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs.
- Strengthens the abdominal muscles after childbirth.

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